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Today’s modern couple has the world at their disposal when it comes to creating a truly unique and original ring for engagement. This is a ring that will be worn until death do you part, and so this process should be embraced with as much enthusiasm as the marriage itself. Gone are the days where you had to go into a brick and mortar store and settle for the kind of ring that hundreds if not thousands of other couples are wearing as well. Today, the build engagement ring process allows you to make a truly unique ring, for a truly unique woman.

There are only a few steps involved if you want to make your own engagement ring, and with our huge selection, you can rest assured that you will be the only one in the world with this kind of ring. Design your engagement ring today in just a few simple steps!

The first thing you need to have at your disposal is your budget. Knowing your budget ahead of time will save a lot of heartache and disappointment when it comes to the checkout process. The last thing you want to do is customize a stunning ring, and then not be able to afford it. Does this mean you won’t be able to get what you want? Absolutely not. Our huge selection in both settings and sizes will allow you to get exactly what you want, but knowing your budget before you start is the easiest way to ensure you make your own engagement ring with ease.

Design Your Own Engagement Ring

  • Sketch of Ring1- Send us a sketch
  • Mold of Ring2- We will create a mold of the ring
  • Unique Ring3- Get your own unique ring

Build Your Own Engagement Ring

  • Semi Mount Ring1- Select a Setting
  • Loose Diamond2- Select a Diamond
  • Complete Engagement Ring3- Complete Your Ring

The second step is knowing what kind of band you are looking for. What kind of jewelry does she normally wear? Is she the type that has nothing but gold in her jewelry box? Many women that will wear gold insist on wearing nothing else. If she is always wearing something a little more lustery, platinum is a leading metal of choice for today’s contemporary bride and will pair easily with any of the silvery bracelets or necklaces she has in her jewelry box. If you aren’t sure, there is a reason that they call it the gold standard, as this tradition remains a favorite for many brides today. We offer a huge selection of bands in a stunning 14K and 18K gold.

Next you need to consider the setting. Do you want one that will be a sparkle of flash with a significant number of diamonds? Then you might consider a pave or micro pave setting. If she has a simpler style, a single solitaire look is as traditional as it is stunning, and a look that many modern brides still adore today. You can also create the best of both worlds, by creating a setting where a single solitaire diamond rises above a small cushion of surrounding diamonds for a simple piece that still has all the sparkle in the world.

The shape and size of your diamond will be your next selection, and this is where you want the bulk of your budget to go. When you are considering your budget, there are a few important things for you to consider. There are a number of shapes today that are contemporary and traditional, each one coming with their own characteristics. The round brilliant is an iconic look and been around for ages. It is a very popular shape, but it also is the most expensive shape to achieve in a diamond, and this is reflected in the cost. So you will see round diamonds at a higher cost than other cuts of the same quality. The asscher cut and emerald cuts are also very adored by today’s modern bride, and offer a very chic style in any setting of your choice. These shapes are not always recommended for a tight budget, as these cuts tend to be a very high quality diamond, and you are going to see this reflected in your cost as well. The reason for this is that these cuts have fewer facets than the rest of the shapes, and this makes it very easy to see even the smallest inclusion. Today, many celebrities and famous jewelry designer prefer the princess cut and cushion cut, their brilliant cut and unique outlines give the diamond its very stylish and modern style.

With our huge selection of loose diamonds, you can get the size of your choice in your budget at a significant reduction from retail prices at your local jeweler. This is the build engagement process that we have built our reputation of 35 years upon. Start today, and in just a few minutes you could have customized the ring of her dreams.

Build Your Engagement Ring:

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