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Blue Diamond Engagement Rings

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Traditionally a man would buy an engagement ring for his girlfriend without her knowledge. He would then pick the right moment, alone with her, to pop the question. The newer age of engaged couples pick out the engagement ring and wedding bands together. The bride-to-be has a large say about what kind of engagement ring she gets.
Different Types of Diamonds
Diamonds are found all over the world. They come in different sizes, shapes and colors. Natural diamonds can take millions of years to form in carbon hundreds of miles below the earth surface. Once a diamond mine is found, it will supply diamonds for a very long time. White diamonds are the most common diamonds found, although chemical changes and microscopic flaws have produced different colors. Yellow, white and brown are the most common, but diamonds of pink, purple, blue and green have been mined on rare occasions. White diamonds are the most popular because they easily allow light to filter through, giving them more of crystal brilliancy than colored diamonds. Colored diamonds, however, are more expensive because of their rarity. Historically fancy colored diamonds were mainly owned by the rich, royalty, and celebrities.

What makes a blue diamond?
Blue diamonds are the result of some microscopic flaw in the gems as they are developing and different minerals and gases in the mine. A true blue diamond is very rare, and most jewelers have not ever seen a real one. Through man made technology, diamonds can be altered to reflect a certain color, and others can be tinted using different methods. By creating a man-made flaw in certain stones, they can reflect light in a different matter, giving them that blue color that is prevalent in true blue diamonds. The largest, natural blue diamond ever found is the Hope diamond weighing in at 45.52 carats. The chemical make- up of this precious stone shows it to be compiled of boron, hydrogen, and possibly nitrogen. It is believed that the boron is what causes the blue color of this historic gem.
Blue diamond engagement rings
If you have your heart set on a natural blue diamond engagement ring, you may be in for a big disappointment. However, you can still have a blue diamond for your ring if you opt for one that has been enhanced through technical or chemical processes. Look around for a good jeweler, one that has a great reputation for providing quality gems, guarantees and fair prices. Speak with a professional about the blue diamond you want for your engagement ring. This professional can lead you in the right direction on choosing a color enhanced blue diamond. Blue diamond engagement rings will cost much more than a white diamonds, if it is a natural blue diamond, because they fall in the category of fancy stones. However if it is bought from the right source, or is an enhanced blue diamond, it will cost less, yet will last forever If you have your heart set on a blue diamond engagement ring, do your research to find the one that is perfect for you.

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