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Diamond Ring When you buy your ring, it does not matter if it is for engagement, anniversary or any reason, you want to be and feel unique and special. One of the best way to feel really unique is to build your own ring. There are two ways to build a ring. The first way is to buy a diamond and than to choose a setting out of a couple of dozens that are displayed as your choice, this is very common on most websites that sell engagement rings.

The second way is custom made and you will send a picture or a drawing of your desirable ring to the company (not all companies are equipped with this option) and ask them to create a ring from scratch, this option is great as it allow the customer to do modifications on existing rings and the end results can be a unique and one of a kind ring, most elite companies will except to work with you one on one with a jewelery designer to build your ring, in this set up you are able to do small modifications as you go alone.

If you have any question or you need any consultation please call us at 1-800-343-4133 and speak to one of our designers or go to our website to see how you can build your engagement rings.

Build Your own Diamond Ring:

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