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Colored Diamonds - Irradiation Process

Exemple of Irradiation Process

Irradiation Enhancement Process
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Yellow
  • Black
This process uses high-energy electron saturation (electron accelerator technology) to alter the appearance and color of diamonds.

Over a century ago diamonds and other gem stones were underwent a form of radiation to change their color, Sir William Crookes, a gem connoisseur as well as a chemist and physicist, was the first to conduct a series of experiments using radium salts which he found turned diamonds to a dark green color. Thanks to modern technology, it is possible to irradiate natural diamonds safely and get all range of colors like: yellow, blue, green and black so that any natural diamond can looks like a much higher quality natural stone.

There are 4 types of irradiation process, Cyclotron, Gamma Radiation, Electrons and Neutron. We at Diamond Traces use Electrons and Neutron; it’s safer and brings the most vivid color to the diamond.


Producing high energy, electrons sent through linear accelerator at the diamond and treatment penetrates the whole stone. The color that will appear is dependent on the type of diamond that was used; this is the most common method and produces brilliant colors such as yellow, blue, green and black.


This method sending fast neutrons at the diamond only penetrates about one millimeter deep. The color that will appear is dependent on the type of diamond that was used and produces brilliant colors such as blue, blue-green, or green.


The irradiated color diamonds are the beautiful diamonds are absolutely safe to use, and require no special attention under normal wear and tear. The color treatment is not subject to change over time.
However, an irradiated diamond should not be exposed to temperatures over 450ºC (900ºF). So If you prefer you local jeweler to take care of your “annual checkup” like prong repairs, band resizing, cleaning, or any other service, please be sure to tell your jeweler that the diamond is irradiant diamond. Your jeweler will know to take the appropriate precautions.

Fancy color diamond: Price comparison

Blue Color Natural

  • Natural Diamond
  • 1.06ct Radiant Cut
  • Excellent Cut
  • Vivid Blue Color
  • VS2 Clarity
  • GIA Certificate
  • $550,000 - $650,000

Blue Color Enhanced

  • Natural Diamond
  • 1.06ct Radiant Cut
  • Excellent Cut
  • Vivid Blue Color Enhanced
  • VS2 Clarity
  • AGI Certificate
  • $3,000 - $5,000

Important to know

Color Enhanced Diamonds must always be advertised as such. Diamonds that have been irradiated must also be so identified by jewelers as enhanced diamonds, or treated diamonds.
If you are in the market for Color Enhanced Diamonds make sure that the certification you receive with the stone is clearly identified as either natural color or enhanced color. The U.S. Federal Trade Commission requires disclosure of gemstone treatments (enhancements) at every level of the trade.

Do not forget when buying a Color Enhanced Diamonds make sure to ask your seller to provide you with a certificate of authenticity for your diamond.

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