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What is a Solitaire Ring?

Solitaire Ring For over a decade, the solitaire engagement ring has been the ultimate statement of elegance and tradition, and by far the most popular engagement ring style. If you are planning to surprise your special lady with a ring, a diamond solitaire ring is a choice that she will treasure forever. A classic woman with simpler, more streamlined taste will probably prefer a beautifully-made solitaire setting with one fantastic diamond.

The solitaire ring is composed of two parts: a diamond and a setting. There are many kinds of solitaire ring settings, all of them simple and elegant. Each diamond solitaire ring setting has its own advantages and characteristics. Whether you want to showcase an impressive stone with a hefty carat weight, or you want to show off a modest but high-quality stone without overwhelming it, the diamond solitaire ring is the perfect choice.

The choice of metal is entirely up to your budget and style. Cherished for its durability and modern shine, platinum has recently been added to the metal of choice for solitaire engagement rings. However, white gold and yellow gold remain the most popular metals for solitaire engagement ring settings.

The center diamond is by far the most important choice and deserves your careful attention. Since buying a diamond is a matter of personal taste and budget, it is important to read our diamond education before you choose the perfect stone to set into your solitaire setting. With Diamond Traces you can build your own ring engagement or you can also choose from our pre-set solitaire rings and look for a solitaire ring that speaks to you.

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